Episode 94: The One Where We Watched Batman V Superman

The unexpected has happened... Mike & James watched Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. And in this episode, they spend the entire show telling you what they thought of it. Fair warning here- If you have not seen the film and wish to avoid spoilers, this episode is NOT for you! They go into great detail on the plot and many of the surprises of the film are discussed, so PLEASE watch the movie before listening if you don't want to know anything in advance! Also.... Not to ruin the episode for ya, but they weren't big fans of the film. There are parts they did enjoy, but the general feeling of this review may be perceived as having a negative take on the movie. So if you just aren't in the mood to hear a bad review of BvS, you may want to hold off on listening. Still with us? Okay.... time for Action Features.

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